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High Capacity Network Connectivity

ATM services from WAN Logistics is a state-of-the-art Asynchronous Transfer Mode solution for your high bandwidth data, voice and video transmission requirements. With ATM Services from WAN Logistics, ATM UNI connections between your site and one or more locations is established using DSL or T-1s. Each point-to-point connection may be a Permanent Virtual Connection (PVC) or Permanent Virtual Path (PVP). Our ATM Services are ITU-T compliant and provide logical PVCs, supporting user applications that send information at a constant or variable bit rate. WAN Logistics can also provide point to point and frame relay services.



Select from a wide array of ATM service classes in the high speed transport marketplace to meet most of your applications needs that include: Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Variable Bit Rate - Real Time (VBR-rt), Variable Bit Rate - Non Real Time (VBR-nrt), Available Bit Rate (ABR and Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR).


Our wide range of PVC speeds starting at DSL or T-1 granularity match your application to the desired amount of bandwidth.

Network Coverage

WAN Logistics has the ability to extend services globally over the Level 3 IP Network.


Designed with flexibility in mind, our network platforms support multiple changes in bandwidth. ATM Services integrates voice, video and data over a single pipe with Quality of Service(QoS).


We can provide service nationwide, our ATM service provides reliability at a very economical price. This can create opportunities for our customers to reach new markets.


ATM Services support the following applications: high volume data and voice transmissions, circuit emulation, mission critical applications, compressed audio, interactive multimedia, distance learning, high volume bursty data traffic, video conferencing, e-commerce and high speed Internet access.