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Managed Hosting and Collocation

Direct your resources toward your business and let WAN Logistics take care of all your hosting and collocation needs. Managed Hosting provides secure and reliable hosting services and is the perfect solution for businesses that wish to leverage the experience and expertise of WAN Logistics's dedicated Internet staff. You provide the content, we provide the architecture, hardware and software required to deploy a high performance e-business web site that can scale as you grow. Your site is hosted in our facilities in a Class A data center environment located on Level 3's Global IP Network. Internet conectivity is provided at public and private peering locations in the US, Europe and Asia. The network is monitored and managed 24 x7.


Class A Data Centers

WAN Logistics is building it's network infrastructure in geographically distributed Gateways to maximize network performance. WAN Logistics has selected Level 3 because they designed their Metropolitan Gateways to provide full redundancy so there is no potential single point of failure domestically or internationally.

24 x 7 Management & Monitoring

To be sure that your e-business site is well-monitored and running, WAN Logistics Services include: daily data backup, backup power, 24x7 hardware and software monitoring and maintenance, ping monitoring, security services.

Robust Network Connectivity

Fully redundant switches, routers, and links provide a robust connection to the Internet. WAN Logistics maintains its own Cisco 7000 series router and Catalyst switch and can provide bandwith up to gigabit speeds.

Technical Environment Engineered for e-Business

Depending on your needs, choose from BSD or Solaris servers, all with a "hardened" OS to ensure security and reliability. Servers are pre-configured with software including: Web servers, Web analysis tools, and administrative software..

Stay Running through Heavy Demand

Traffic distribution and failover solutions include: Traffic Distribution, Site Replication, and Load Balancing. Even with heavy demand your customers have consistent, reliable access to your site

Our Value Add: Experience & Expertise

We're responsible for the infrastructure of some of the most complex and successful e-business solutions now in operation. See our customer page for some examples.

We excel at building and managing the extended enterprise-level framework necessary for a secure electronic business environment.